Windpumps of Southern Africa


Gearing windpumps were manufactured by Cunningham and Gearing of Cape Town before 1910. Those were steel open-cap windmills.

In the 1930's the "self-oiled" model was introduced. Manufacture was ceased when the second world war broke out.


Gearing open-capped. Photographed in Sutherland.  Gearing self-oiled on farm Middelstevlei of TJ Bothma in the Moordenaarskaroo. 14ft wheel.  Gearing self-oiled photographed in Prince Albert.  Gearing self-oiled  photographed in Loeriesfontein windpump museum.  Gearing self-oiled near Three Sisters.
 Gearing self-oiled photographed in Tankwa Karoo National Park.  Gearing self oiled on farm Eensaamheid between Durbanville and Paarl.  Gearing photographed in Riebeeck West.  Gearing ladder a distinguishing feature,  Gearing on farm Gemsbok district  Laingsburg.
 Gearing photographed 10 km outside of Prince Albert on the road to Prince Albert road.  Gearing between Jagersfontein and Bloemfontein.  Gearing photographed between Fraserburg and Beaufort West.  Gearing on klein Roggeveld road in Laingsburg district.  Gearing on farm Steenkampspoort district Fraserburg.
Gearing photographed on farm Spreeufontein district Laingsburg. Gearing self-oiled photographed in Prince Albert. Gearing self-oiled photographed in Prince Albert (same as previous photo) with house built around it. Gearing near Bo - Wadrif between Tankwa Karoo and Sutherland.  Gearing manufactured by Cunningham and Gearing in Cape Town. Photographed on the Moordenaarskaroo road near Laingsburg.
Gearing open cap photographed in Fraserburg.  Gearing photographed on farm Ficksfontein district Laingsburg.  Gearing photographed in the Loeriesfontein windpump museum.