Windpumps of Southern Africa


The Samson windpumps were manufactured  by the Stover Manufacturing and Engine Company of Freeport, Illinois.They were distributed in South Africa as early as 1906 from Malmesbury and Malcomess in East London. The early models were open-geared, but in the 1920's a self oiling windpump was introduced as the "Samson Oil-Rite Windmill". Two models were made: a model M and a model S.


Samson model M photographed outside Vosburg  Samson model M photographed in Klaarstroom.  Samson model M on farm Volmoed near Vondeling between Klaarstroom and Willowmore.  Samson open-head photographed near Bloemfontein airport.  Samson open geared photographed in Smithfield.
 Samson photographed on farm Slagterspoort district Prince Albert.  Samson photographed in Phillipstown.  Samson photographed next to Dutch Reformed church in Fraserburg.